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Hatchery Feed aims to further the knowledge and understanding of hatchery feed and nutrition for aquatic species. It brings together farmers, hatchery operators, feed manufacturers, researchers, experts, novices and those just interested in the fascinating world of hatchery feed and nutrition.

Hatcheries are the foundation of the burgeoning aquaculture industry, and feed is at the heart of a successful hatchery. Understanding what you feed and why and how you feed it is fundamental — yet not always accessible — knowledge

Please explore this website, interact with others and send us information to share with this highly specialized and important sector. Hatcheryfeed is a service of — the aquafeed industry's information specialist.

All the Information and Resources You Need is the information hub for hatchery feed and feedings providing links to practical guides, scientific papers, trade magazines and more.

Crustaceans: Feed & Nutrition

Learn all about feeds, nutrition, products and more for shrimp, lobster, crab and other farmed crustaceans.

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Fish: Feed & Nutrition

Articles and information specifically for marine and freshwater, tropical and cold water fish hatchery feed, feeding and management.

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Molluscs & Miscellaneous: : Feed & Nutrition

Information geared to oysters, mussels, scallops and other shellfish, as well as miscellaneous animals, such as sea urchins.

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