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Introducing GART a low-cost screening platform for feed and feed additives
At the Lab of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center at Ghent University in Belgium, a reliable and versatile screening platform called GART, which allows researchers to investigate the nutritional effects and health benefits of feed and feed additives without the interference of the ambient microbiota of the rearing environment, has been created.
NOAA\'s novel feeder for juvenile and larval fish
The invention, which is ready for licensing, solves complications in dispensing fine particle fish food.
Natural Copepods seen as ‘superior’ / PTA sees rise in demand for larval feeds
Natural Copepods seen as ‘superior’From 2002, the Chinese company Tianjin Intra Technologies Co., Ltd began harvesting Copepods from natural waters (rivers and lakes) and freezing newly harvested Copepods to 1kg flatpacks, which were then exported to Japan for larviculture of marine fish (mainly red sea bream and halibut). In Japan, rotifers, Artemia nauplii and Copepods are used as natural diets for red sea bream larviculture.PTA sees rise in demand for larval feedsDublin-based company Pacific Trading Aquaculture’s Emerald is described by the company as an innovative algae-based product that has been designed specifically for medium- to high-density rotifer culture. It is produced in axenic bioreactors in ISO 9001 GMP certified facilities, through a unique and patented process defined by the most stringent operating conditions, guaranteeing both quality and consistency of results.
Natural Copepods seen as ‘superior’