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Guidelines for broodstock management, propagation and culture of semah and empurau
ENACA This ENACA guide focuses on improving management practices for captive breeding and culture of semah and empurau (Tor tambroides and T. douronensis). The guide encompass broodstock management, artificial propagation and related husbandry activities.
A Guide to small-scale marine Finfish Hatchery technology
This guide provides an outline of the requirements to establish a small-scale marine finfish hatchery, particularly the economic aspects. It provides some basic technical information in order to give an indication of the level of technical expertise necessary for operation. Additional resources, such as training courses in marine finfish hatchery production are listed.
Manual on Hatchery Production of Seabass and Gilthead Seabream Volume 2
Seabass and gilthead seabream characterize the development of marine aquaculture in the Mediterranean basin. Based originally on Japanese hatchery techniques, Mediterranean hatchery technology is still evolving. This is Part 2 of a two-part manual.
Manual on Hatchery Production of Seabass and Gilthead Seabream - Volume 1
The manual has been divided in two volumes, with this first one divided in three parts. The first part deals with the historical background and a discussion of the main factors that affect fish seed production. The second has been devoted to the life history and biology of the species. This includes also a short section on microalgae, rotifers and brine shrimp. The third section deals with hatchery production procedures, from broodstock management to production of live feed, egg management, larval rearing weaning, fry transport, and diseases.
Manual on Control of Malformations in Fish Aquaculture
Coordinated by FEAP, the FINEFISH (Reduction of malformations in farmed fish species) project manual targets the operators and managers of the hatcheries that raise the major species that are produced in European aquaculture, although there are many protocols and recommendations that are applicable to the many ‘minor’ species that are also the subject of professional attention.
FINEFISH Final Workshop papers

Improving sustainability of European Aquaculture by control of malformations Ghent, Belgium
Catfish 2010: Part I: Reference of Catfish Health and Production Practices in the United States, 2009
The Catfish 2010 study is the third investigation of the industry by the National Animal Health Monitoring System. This study is a broad look at management, production, and health practices across the various facets of the catfish industry, including breeding, hatching, and foodsize-fish growout. This report focuses on the breeding and hatching components of the industry.
Zooplankton Succession and Larval Fish Culture in Freshwater Ponds
This SRAC fact sheet concentrates on the relationship between fry size and the types and sizes of zooplankton found in culture ponds.
Manual on Sturgeon Reproduction
The basis of every fish farming operation is successful reproduction and the security of a regular supply of high quality fingerlings. Therefore, Coppens International offers this manual to assist in the set up of reliable hatchery procedures for sturgeon. This booklet contains a general description of the sturgeon biology and describes relevant items for successful repro- duction and hatchery management as known for sturgeon at present. It has to be noticed that the described procedures are only meant as guidelines. All mentioned parameters need to be checked and adjusted by the hatchery manager to the specific sturgeon species, life stage and the particular hatchery conditions. 
Training Manual: Biology and Culture of Sea Bass (Lates calcarifer)
In order to extend the technology of seabass culture, this manual is prepared to serve as a practical guide for extension workers and farmers. Its contents are based on research findings in addition to many years of accumulated practical experience and field observations...Read More.