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Hatcheryfeed magazine 2014

Hatcheryfeed is an annual magazine from that lets you know about the latest developments in commercial hatchery feeding solutions.  

  • Copepods in first feeding of European lobster and Bluefin tuna 
  • Automated Microdiet feeding system
  • RotiGrow OneStep™ new all-in-one rotifer feed from Reed  Mariculture
  • Maximizing profits in larval shrimp rearing: the best balance between Artemia and artificial diets
  • Polychaete feeds
  • New PL feeds help shrimp hatcheries raise the bar
  • The Big Red  
  • LARVIVA hatchery feed range for shrimp steadily expands 
  • Eye in the sky: Seneye's optical sensor and cloud-based website lets you remotely monitor your water quality
  • Hatchery news review 

· World's largest SPF shrimp producer ramps up production in Hawai’i

· Project to boost European aquaculture through selective breeding

· Cargill launches tool to help customers battle EMS

· BAP Standards, Guidelines for shrimp hatcheries

· European tuna project extended, ends spawning season with collection of over 40 million eggs


The Hatcheryfeed Guide & Year Book and Hatcheryfeed magazine have been merged and are now published four times a year.
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