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USA - A different kind of hatchery: Non-profit tries uses new technique to save wild steelhead

Long Live the Kings is working with government fish managers, tribes and other environmental groups to see if limited help from people can save steelhead from the brink of extinction in the Hood Canal.

The non-profit tracks fish numbers, monitors potential environmental perils, and is also working with a Dewatto River hatchery to innovate ways to native fish.

The Dewatto River hatchery is different than traditional hatcheries. Instead of fertilizing eggs in tanks and releasing fish when they're young; steelhead from the Dewatto River Hatchery come from wild eggs. The eggs are plucked from the waters, and raised to sexual maturity in pens."What we're allowing the fish to do is come home," Waltermire said.

"They find a mate... and do as any other wild fish would do." ... read more and watch video

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