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JAPAN - Complete eel culturing cycle nears practical application

With dwindling catches of young eels threatening a summer delicacy in Japan, a complete cycle of culturing eels in captivity is nearing a commercial application: juvenile eels developed from eggs are being distributed to private fish farmers.

The Fisheries Research Agency, the predecessor of the Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA), in 2010 accomplished the complete cycle of culturing eels for the first time in the world. Artificial incubation is currently carried out at the Research Center for Self-Sustained Eel Culture of the FRA’s National Research Institute of Aquaculture in Kagoshima Prefecture, resulting in an improved hatch rate and enabling 1,500 larvae to be produced annually.

The most difficult process under the method is raising larvae to elvers, so the biggest challenge is improving their survival rate during the process. Two private farming companies will on-grow the elvers.

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