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USA - A different kind of hatchery: Non-profit tries uses new technique to save wild steelhead
The Dewatto River hatchery is different than traditional hatcheries. Instead of fertilizing eggs in tanks and releasing fish when they're young; steelhead from the Dewatto River Hatchery come from wild eggs. 
INDIA - Seed porters backbone of aquaculture
Aqua seed porters seen in every nook and corner of coastal belt between Godavari and Guntur districts, became a backbone of the flourishing aquaculture in the State. 
USA - $40 million later, a pioneering plan to boost wild fish stocks shows little success
After 35 years, Hubbs-SeaWorld white seabass stock enhancement program has raised populations by less than 1 per cent, evaluation shows. Is it time to rethink stock enhancement strategies elsewhere?
SCOTLAND - Failure to block salmon roe imports sparks row
The failure to impose an import bar on roe for the country’s lucrative salmon farms will leave Scotland’s multi-billion pound industry “reliant on imported eggs” from rivals like Norway and Iceland and make a “mockery of the brand ‘Scottish salmon'", says Neil Manchester of Hendrix Genetics. This poses a “massive risk” to the supply chain and a danger to wild stocks if the “foreign” fish escape into the country’s rivers.
INDIA - Chennai fish breeders reluctant to move to high tech facility
More than 1,00 traditional ornamental fish breeders who have built their expertise over decades of hands on experience, are reluctant to embrace the facilities being offered at the Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park (ARTP), the country’s first ultra-modern facility being set up near Madhavaram by the Tamil Nadu government.