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Headline News: February 2018

PRODUCT NEWS - Skretting launches Vitalis PRIMA marine broodstock diet
With Vitalis PRIMA, Skretting has developed a new diet aimed at establishing higher levels of performance, biosecurity, sustainability and compatibility among marine broodstock and their young fry.
PRODUCT NEWS - Probiotic targets Virbrio and Ammonia in hatcheries
Keeton Industries has launched Hatchery Prime Smart Pellets, an easy to use, stress reducing probiotic specifically formulated for fish and shrimp hatcheries.
PRODUCT NEWS - Automated algae production unit
Industrial Plankton's  PBR - 1250L Industry Reactor is a biosecure, automated algae production unit with a small footprint. It can be operated to harvest automatically in continuous, semi-continuous or batch mode. 
Dr. Thomas Zeigler honored with Lifetime Achievement Award from US Aquaculture Society
One of the most familiar faces of US aquaculture for many decades, Dr. Thomas Zeigler was presented with the US Aquaculture Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the opening ceremony of Aquaculture America 2018 in Las Vegas.
FAO to publish State of the World’s Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Charting a course ahead for the conservation and sustainable farming of freshwater and marine species is a chief focus of the first State of the World’s Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, a Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report that will contain subsections from 89 contributing countries, including the United States.
PRODUCT NEWS - Give your fish a head start
Alltech and Coppens International are working closely together to bring a new generation of fish feed to the marketplace. Coppens’ Essence, designed with Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology™ and gut health technologies containing Bioplex® and Bio-Mos®, reflects this approach.
PRODUCT NEWS - An all-in-one rotifer and artemia enrichment
INVE Aquaculture - Benchmark’s Advanced Nutrition - has expanded its enrichment portfolio with new product, Easy Dry Selco® (EDS). EDS is a dry enrichment with a formulation that boosts rotifers and Artemia with balanced levels of fats, proteins, vitamins, key minerals, immuno-stimulants, essential amino acids and flavonoids, turning live-feed into a very functional enrichment.
Neovia buys Epicore
FRANCE- Neovia has acquired Epicore, the larval feed and probiotics company. Through the complementary expertise of the two companies and Neovia’s international R&D network, Neovia intends to develop its aquaculture business and offer new natural and sustainable solutions for livestock farming: probiotics.