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Headline News: May 2018

SCOTLAND - Scientists make major breakthrough in omega-3 production
Study shows that a large variety of invertebrate animals, including corals, rotifers, molluscs, polychaetes and crustaceans, possess enzymes called ‘desaturases’ of a type that enable them to produce omega-3, an ability thought to exist almost exclusively in marine microbes.
DENMARK - BioMar increases fry and RAS capacity at mill
BioMar Group is increasing capacity at its feedmill in Denmark. The new line will be highly specialized and dedicated to fry and RAS feed production, enabling the factory to increase flexibility, quality and production performance.
PHILIPPINES - Mud crab survival improves
By replacing rotifers and artemia in the diet with formulated feed or minced fish or mussel, the survival rate of mud crab from zoea to megalopae has significantly improved
INVE launches Natura diet range for early-stage marine fish larvae
INVE Aquaculture has launched ‘Natura’, a new diet range for early-stage marine fish larvae. The new formulation has been developed to simplify the weaning process and provides key nutritional components for the initial stages of larval development. “Feed digestibility is of great importance, especially at the initial stages of larval development when the digestive tract is under development. Larvae fed with Natura show superior acceptance of formulated feed.”