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Headline News: August 2018

European aquaculture to benefit from a better quality of live feed
Planktonic AS, the company behind the CryoPlankton2 project, has developednovel and game-changing techniques to use marine crustacean nauplii, CryoProduct, both commercially and sustainably. They have discovered a way to cryopreserve the nauplii in large user-friendly entities, and to revive them as live individuals after thawing.
INVE launches new"configurator tool"
INVE Aquaculture has launched a new product catalog and online configurator tool for customers. The configurator allows users to easily find the exact nutrition, health or environment solutions they need.
A New Start for Fish Larvae and Fry
Aller Aqua is relaunching its successful ALLER FUTURA EX GR with a higher fat and energy content, fully dedicated to the nutritional requirements of rainbow trout and other salmonids. At the same time, Aller Aqua is launching ALLER THALASSA EX GR with a balanced protein to fat ratio, more suited to larvae and fry of marine species as well as species with lesser energy requirements. A new premium starter diet for fish larvae and early fry will be launched August 27, 2018.
System developed for optimizing juvenile fish production
A European project, ALFA, has developed a state-of-the-art automatic system to control the most important variable parameters in live feed production for fish hatcheries. The systems were geared to suit conditions for aquaculture in Greece and Norway.
SuperSmolt FeedOnly patent imminent for owner Europharma
The European Patent Organization (EPO) has issued an “Intention to Grant” relating to the smoltification feed SuperSmolt FeedOnly.