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Headline News: 2019

UK researchers launch AquaLeap project
AquaLeap is a research collaboration between academic and industry scientists that aims to boost selective breeding of stocks of vital UK aquaculture species. The project will identify DNA markers that are linked to economically important traits, such as disease resistance or growth rate.
Icelandic project to produce sexless farmed salmon
The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute in Iceland is attempting to breed sexless farmed salmon. The objective is to prevent farmed salmon from becoming sexually mature and being able to spawn with the naturally occurring local salmon population.
Hendrix Genetics launches new products for Chilean salmon industry
Hendrix Genetics has improved their selections for Atlantic salmon in the different Chilean regions using specific requirements which lets them launch two new products, EXPLORER and CHALLENGER.
FISHBOOST project up one level in breeding for six fish species
FISHBOOST project concludes allowing European fish breeders to integrate tools and technologies into their breeding programs.
New copepod converts yeast into omega-3
A team of scientists at Roskilde University in Denmark have found one species of copepod, Apocyclops royi, which does not need to eat algae to become full of omega-3.
Argentinian researchers achieve important advances in wreckfish culture
The National Institute for Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP) has achieved important advances during the first wreckfish breeding season. 
Proviron offers all year round CHAETOPRIME for shrimp and shellfish
ChaetoPrime is premium freeze dried Chaetoceros muelleri focused on shrimp and shellfish hatcheries.
Medical technology applied to salmon selection
SalmoBreed has announced plans to use state-of-the-art medical technology to enhance data collection from its broodstock families in a project that should benefit the global salmon industry.
Improvements in Atlantic bluefin tuna feeding protocols
Researchers from the University of Stirling, the University of Cádiz and IEO in Spain evaluated different feeding strategies during first feeding of Atlantic bluefin tuna larvae. IEO open a procedure for requesting access to its facilities to develop tuna projects.
AquaGen buys Scottish salmon hatchery
Salmon breeder and egg supplier AquaGen has signed a deal to buy Scottish Sea Farms’ freshwater hatchery at Holywood near Dumfries. This is a long-term strategic investment that will further improve fish welfare in Scotland.