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Dragon fish, Arowanas breeding techniques in Singapore
Dragon fish (Arowana) breeding techniques in Singapore. Eggs and fry. At Aquarama and at farms
Aquarium Feed Crumble on X-20 Extruder
EN Hutchinson Ltd extrusion of aquarium feed crumble
BROODMAX Broodstock Fish Pellets
Manufacture of large (15g+) pellets for broodstock fish on a Wenger X-20 Extruder at E.N. Hutchinson, Ltd, New Zealand
Ocean Rider - A Different Kind of Farm
A snippet of the movie A Different Kind of Farm, which  features Hawaii seahorse breeders, Ocean Rider. Part of the Portrait of a Pioneer series producted by Caroline Harding, featuring  unique and inspirational individuals changing  our world today. 
How It's Made - Fish Food
Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made  - Ornamental Fish Food episode
How It's Made - Aquarium Fish
Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made - ornamental fish breeding episode