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Feed & Nutrition: Scientific articles

Papers and presentations by research nutritionists and other scientists. If you would you like to submit a link to a paper, mail us at: - thank you!

Review: Nutrient requirements of ornamental fish
Research on nutrient requirements of ornamental fish requires more than just growth rate in order to determine optimal dietary inclusion levels.
Using Commercial Feeds for the Culture of Freshwater Ornamental Fishes in Hawaii
This paper examined feeds already developed for food fish to find whether they are suitable as feed for ornamental fish
Achieving Natural Coloration in Fish Culture
This paper finds that ornamental fishes are good models for color enhancement through diet and that this enhancement may be achieved using products made by marine biotechnology companies
Effect of Feed Type on Growth and Fertility in Ornamental Fish, Xiphophorus Helleri
The effects of feed type on feed intake and conversion, ovary weight, and fertility were studied in red swordtail, Xiphophorus helleri. Juveniles were fed Artemia, earthworms, liver, pelleted feed, or a mixed diet.