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Advances in Breeding and Rearing Marine Ornamentals
This work addresses the most relevant advances in the breeding and rearing of marine ornamental species. The main breakthroughs in marine ornamental fish culture are discussed, with seahorses deserving a section of their own as a result of their conservation status and unique biology
Hatchery production of the clownfish Amphiprion nigripes at Agatti island, Lakshadweep, India
Healthy individuals of matured clownfish, Amphiprion nigripes and sea anemone,Heteractis magnifica were collected from the Agatti island lagoon. Larvae metamorphosed and took up parent colouration and comparatively high growth rate was observed when fed on algae enriched rotifer than those with poly unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)
Reef fish Breeding and Hatchery Production Using Brackishwater, A Sustainable Technology with Special Reference to Clark’s Clownfish, Amphiprion Clarkii (Bennett, 1830)
The present study on spawning and larval rearing of reef associated clownfish,Amphiprion clarkii was investigated under captive condition. The present findings have shown the prospective sign for captive breeding of a highly demanded aquarium fish using brackishwater, by removing the existing foremost technological snag of rearing them in running seawater.