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Trade magazines, peer reviewed journals and newsletters that offer online information. If you know of other titles that others would enjoy and find useful, please send your suggestions to:

ACTA Icthyologica et Piscatoria (AI&P)
Published by the Societas Scientiarum Stetinensis (Scientific Society of Szczecin)
Articles based on original experimental data or experimental methods, or new analyses of already existing data, in any aspect of ichthyology and fisheries (finfish only).
Editor-in-Chief: Wojciech Piasecki
Open access
American Fisheries Society Early Life History Section (ELHS) newsletter
Stages is the newsletter of the Early Life History Section (ELHS) of the American Fisheries Society. Each issue contains regional news from various ELHS labs plus information on recent and upcomin meetings of interest to the ELHS community. It is distributed to  members of ELHS and is available online.
Analytical Methods for Aquaculture Feeds & Ingredients -/- Metodod Analiticos Para Alimentos e Ingredientes Acuicolas
by Dr. Subramaniam Divakaran. Available in English and Spanish, Analytical Methods for Aquaculture Feeds & Ingredients describes importance, chemical basis, easy to follow analytical steps, equipment, glassware, chemicals needed, calculation of results, errors, safety and chemical disposal, references and additional analytical methods using commercial kits, Appendix contains basic chemistry, conversion tables and more. Metodos Analiticos Para Alimentos e Ingredientes Acuicolas describe: importancia, bases químicas, pasos analíticos fáciles de seguir, equipos, cristalería, reactivos requeridos, cálculos de resultados, errores, seguridad y manejo e desechos químicos, referencias y metodos analíticos adicionales que utilizan kits comerciales, l apéndice contiene conceptos de química básica, tablas de conversión, entre otros.
Aquacultural Engineering
Official journal of the Aquacultural Engineering Society (AES)
The journal aims to apply the knowledge gained from basic research which potentially can be translated into commercial operations. Elsevier.
Editors-in-Chief: J. Colt, J. van Rijn
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An international journal devoted to research on the exploration, improvement and management of all cultured aquatic food resources, both floristic and faunistic, from freshwater, brackish and marine environments, related directly or indirectly to human consumption. Elsevier.
Section Editors: B. Austin, B.A. Costa-Pierce, E.M. Donaldson, D.M. Gatlin, G. Hulata, D.C. Little
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Aquaculture Asia
Aquaculture Asia  is an autonomous magazine, published by NACA
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Aquaculture Asia Pacific
Bimonthly regional magazine
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Aquaculture Health Magazine
Edited by Dr Scott Peddie (New Zealand)
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Aquaculture International
Journal of the European Aquaculture Society
An international journal covering all aspects of aquaculture; examines the biology, physiology, pathology and genetics of cultured fish, crustaceans, molluscs and plants. Springer.
Editor-in-Chief: Gavin M. Burnell
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Aquaculture North America
Trade newspaper for all aquaculture industry professionals in North America
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