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Scientific and Academic Institutions

ARC Research Hub for Advanced Prawn Breeding
The Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Hub (ARC ITRH) for Advanced Prawn Breeding is a consortium involving researchers and industry from James Cook University, CSIRO, Australian Genome Research Facility, University of Sydney and Seafarms Group.
Fisheries Research Institute Malaysia
FTI provides sound scientific knowledge and expertise for sustainable development of the fisheries sector.
Indian Council of Agricultural Research Central MArine Fisheries Institute
The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute was established by Government of India in 1947 under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and later joined the ICAR family in 1967. During the course of over 65 years the Institute has emerged as aone of the leading tropical marine fisheries research institutes in the world.
Kentucky State University Aquaculture Program
Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center
The ARC is active in research, education and services related to larviculture of fish and shellfish species of aquaculture interest
Marine Resources Research Institute
The aim of the MRRI is to identify suitable species, develop culture methods, and provide advisory services for the state's growing shrimp, mollusc, and fish mariculture industries.
Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium - Marine & Fresh Water Aquaculture
The Mote Marine & Freshwater Aquaculture Program research is directed toward developing spawning, larval, fingerling and growout culture methods for marine or freshwater species, and also toward designing and testing filtration technologies for sustainable recirculating systems.
National Research Institute of Aquaculture (Japan)
NRIA conducts basic research on various aspect of aquaculture and cultivation fisheries, including improvement of breeding and seed production technology.
Nofima carries out research and development for the fisheries, aquaculture and food industries. Main areas of research include breeding, genetics, nutrition and feed.
Online Database of European Atlantic Marine Research Centers
This database provides google-map-based access to information on over 350 Marine Research Centers from 10 countries located along the European Atlantic Coastline, from Iceland/Norway in the north to Spain/Portugal in the south.