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Magazines & Journals: Aquaculture trade magazines

Aquaculture Asia
Aquaculture Asia  is an autonomous magazine, published by NACA
Download complete issues (PDF)
Aquaculture Asia Pacific
Bimonthly regional magazine
Back issues available for download. Subscribe for current issue.
Aquaculture Health Magazine
Edited by Dr Scott Peddie (New Zealand)
Download complete issues (PDF)
Fish Farmer Magazine
Subscription. Online news available
Global Aquaculture Advocate
Flagship publication of the Global Aquaculture Alliance
Download complete issues (PDF)
New Zealand Aquaculture Magazine
The magazine for the NZ aquaculture industry
Download complete issues (PDF)
Aquaculture North America
Trade newspaper for all aquaculture industry professionals in North America
Back issues available for download
Aquafeed Newsletter
The weekly newsletter of Read online or subscribe for free and never moiss an issue.
Aquafeed magazine
Aquafeed is the quartelry magazine of, bringing you advances in processing and formulation for aquatic feeds. Read it here.